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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  June 8, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. wanted by the fbi, a so cal bank robbery suspect shot dead by san francisco police. the threat that forced them to open fire. commuters caught on candid camera. the new push to crack down on toll cheaters in the south bay. good morning, i'm sydnie kohara. it is wednesday, june 8. thanks for joining us. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time is 4:30. and let's get a quick look at traffic and weather. we begin on a very serious note. a body found on a freeway. and let's kick it off with traffic first, i believe, and what's going on? >> in palo alto, we have a map to show you of the scene right now. this is southbound 101. it sounds like it's just past
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oregon expressway. we have learned that this is an accident involving a car and a pedestrian. it's been out there since about 2:45 this morning so chp is out there investigating right now. what we know is that as you mentioned one fatality confirmed, sounds like it was a pedestrian in the roadway. but again, chp is out there investigating the exact details. we know that three left lanes have been shut down for a couple of hours since about 2:45 this morning and they don't have any estimated time when they are going to re-open the freeway but it is slow for about an exit in that area. so you may want to consider using 280 as your alternate in the meantime. all right. also want to let you know, we have some video of this taken yesterday: eastbound interstate 80 in oakland off the bay bridge is wide open this morning, after two lanes were closed for about five hours overnight. a big rig loaded with dirt went off the freeway down an embankment near the 580-880 split. two lanes of eastbound 80 were
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closed to clean up the dirt and diesel fuel that spilled. the driver suffered a broken arms, otherwise is doing okay. and again, chp doesn't know what caused this crash. so again, all lanes open now in oakland coming off the bay bridge. but our big traffic alert right now is in palo alto southbound 101 near oregon expressway a fatal accident and several blocked lanes. lawrence has the weather. >> we'll check out the fog today around the bay area. we have a lot of that going on if you are headed out the door. here's the great news, though. as we head toward the afternoon, most of that is going to disappear. how about these temperatures! 75 concord, 75 san jose, 69 oakland, 67 san francisco. >> a tinge of excitement in your voice. >> yes. >> we like it lawrence. thanks very much. a suspected southern california bank robber shot dead by police in san francisco. officers say this man tried to
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run them down with his car. the fbi let san francisco police know that the suspect was in the city. when they tried to stop him, police say the suspect tried to run and hit the officers with a stolen car and that's when gunfire erupted. >> i heard something like freeze or step away, which made me want to get up and look out the window. i realized it was the police. i just heard a lot of shots coming from all sorts of directions. >> the suspect was wanted for robbing two banks in irvine last month. he was driving a stolen car. and that's how the fbi tracked him to san francisco. that car had an on-board gps that let them know exactly where he was. we are going to have a live report on this coming up in the 5:00 hour. the 17-year-old accused of killing a baby in east palo alto going to court today. san mateo county prosecutors may decide to try him as an adult for sunday's murder. he is believed to have fired
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into the car containing 3-month- old isaac jesus jimenez. police say the suspect thought he was retaliating against gang members who had beaten him up. the family is inviting the public to services for that baby tomorrow night in redwood city. they refuse to give up. the family of michelle le hopes the missing nursing student is still alive. they posted new billboards around the bay area saying the search is not over yet even though hayward police think le was killed in a parking garage may 27. police interviewed several persons of interest including le's former high school friend gisele esteban. she openly has admitted to hating le saying she stole her boyfriend. the "oakland tribune" reports esteban's boyfriend took out a restraining order against her three days before le disappeared. the man said esteban had been stalking him and making threats after he was granted 80% custody of their 5-year-old daughter. a san francisco family's demanding justice following the
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shooting death of a prep football star david henderson died monday two weeks ago someone shot 291-year-old several times near his bayview home. newspapers say the lincoln high alum could have been nfl-bound. he broke several high school football records in the state. this march, henderson played semi pro for the pacifica islanders. >> his mom was at every game. she was just -- just... it's just so senseless. >> no arrests have been made and officers have not released a description of that gunman. 4:35. many parents trust their children with them but a child "care" program in the east bay is accused of leaving some kids unattended sometimes even losing them and that's not all. now the state is taking steps to shut down four sites of san ramon valley's child care
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practice. juliette goodrich reports on the accusations. >> you shouldn't have to be forced to choose between safe and convenient. >> reporter: they say their 6- year-old daughter was kicked out of kids country at coyote creek elementary school in san ramon after they complained about inadequate care. >> our situation was unfortunate. my daughter's hair was cut by another child. she had scissors in her face. no one saw it there. were three teachers in the room. >> reporter: the department of social services is involved with formal accusations being filed at the state at four other sites not the site that their daughter attended. these accusations are that children were left unattended and in some cases children left the care center and headed home alone. >> my neighbor called me and said, do you know mary left alone today outside the classroom door? >> reporter: employees at kids' country at bolger site in san
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ramon didn't want to talk on camera about the accusations but they have stated they run 13 sites with more than 1350 children attending. the facility director has stated their incidents have been far and few between and some parents would agree. >> i have nothing to complain. i have actually had good experience there. >> reporter: but the dal stroms say they aren't about blasting kids' country. they are about ensuring the health and safety of children. >> her safety was at risk. she was put into harm's way like all of these other children. >> that was juliette goodrich reporting from san ramon. the head of the national transportation safety board will be in san bruno today to tour the site of deadly pipeline explosion. the chairman and representative jackie speier with meet with pg&e officials, local authorities and explosion victims. the chairman will give an update on the investigation. that blast killed eight people
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and destroyed 38 homes last z the cause is still under investigation. toll cheaters, watch out. new cameras may snap your mug along the bay area's first toll lane. the bay area toll authority is thinking about installing them on interstate 680 between pleasanton and milpitas. a new report shows more solo drivers are using the lane without paying plus it's taking too much time for chp officers to monitor and ticket violators. we'll have a live report coming up at 5:00. 4:38. no cheating when we're looking at this forecast, right, lawrence? >> no. we are getting a our money's worth. finally things turning around weather-wise. starting out with low clouds and fog. they have stretched well onshore into the valleys surging right there inland but that's good news as we'll watch that beginning to break up as we head in toward the afternoon, lots of sunshine coming our way and warmer temperatures. right now 56 in san jose, 54 livermore, 53 santa rosa, 54 san francisco. get a load of these numbers by
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the afternoon. 79 in fairfield, 77 livermore, 75, beautiful, in san jose and you have a lot of 60s and 70s even inside the bay. we're looking fantastic. so over the next couple of days, we are breaking out the 80s as we head in toward thursday and friday and the weekend looking good, too. doesn't look like we are going to see any threat of rain for the next five to seven days, staying high and dry and much warmer as we head in toward the beginning of this next week. how about that elizabeth? >> i like it. i can handle the 80s. let's go right out to the peninsula because we are dealing with a hotspot already this morning. a traffic alert in effect southbound 101 just past the oregon expressway. this is the scene of a fatal accident. chp has out there for a couple of hours investigate egg. three left lanes blocked so traffic is able to get by in one lane but it is very slow in that area. backed up for at least one exit. so until they completely clear the scene which we didn't know when, still no eto on that we
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are saying to use 280 as an alternate because it will be slow through the stretch. 280 moving better. really moving fine all the way towards the south bay. if you are coming out of downtown san jose, traffic is still very light up and down north- and southbound 280. guadalupe parkway fine. also mass transit we just checked caltrain might abe great option everything is running on time so far no delay there. ace train number one also got a great start and bart systemwide all on time. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's your traffic and weather. back to you guys. >> thank you. he is keeping his job but a twitter job is costing a new york congressman a lot of friends on capitol hill. plus -- >> the recovery that we're on is not producing jobs as quickly as i wanted to. >> president obama is frustrated as all of us are.
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how he is trying to ease america's concerns about the economy. and a big auto ceo wants you to pay more at the pump. why he is pushing to raise the gas tax. ,, ,,,,,,
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yes. yes it does. ♪call 1-800-steemer. good morning. if you are just waking up with us we are dealing with a traffic alert already in palo alto. an accident that happened a couple of hours ago a car versus pedestrian. chp is still out there investigating what exactly happened. if you are commuting in this area, it is slow. it is backed up for several exits sounds like. we know that three left lanes are blocked. traffic is able to get by. but obviously a lot of brake lights through there. 280 might be your best alternate in the meantime. we'll have more traffic details on this plus hot spots across the bay area in just a couple of minutes. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> thank you. 4:43 now. voters in an east bay city are kicking out two elected officials. hercules had a special election
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for a recall vote. more than 80% decided to get rid of mayor joanne ward and councilman donald keen. there was also an election in richmond where voters rejected a sales tax proposal. measure d would have raised the sales tax in the city by half a percent. meanwhile measure c passed advising richmond officials to use -- officials to use an extra sales tax money to pay for services that lost funding due to state budget cuts. transforming treasure island. it is now one step closer to reality. the board of supervisors approving plans last night for a massive new neighborhood. that $1.5 billion project will bring residential units, stores and even a school. critics were concerned though about traffic and environmental problems but they were outweighed by supporters. developers hope to break ground next year. new polls show americans are extremely worried about the economy and jobs. and president obama is just as
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concerned. today he will try to boost confidence in the economy during a tour of an auto repair program in virginia. his visit follows last week's dismal jobs report. only 54,000 jobs were created last month and unemployment rose to 9.1%. >> i'm not concerned about a double-dip recession. i am concerned about the fact that the recovery that we're on is not producing jobs as quickly as i wanted to. >> yesterday, fed chairman ben bernanke predicted a strong rebound over the summer and he also said the economy still needs low interest rates. today wall street waiting to see if opec countries will help push down gas prices by agreeing to pump more oil. >> but meantime, the head of general motors says people need to pay more at the pump to help the auto industry. yesterday, dan ackerson floated the idea of raising the gas tax by $1 a gallon forcing buyers to to buy more fuel-efficient
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cars. cutting carbs or sweets, the best overall diet when it comes to shedding pounds. >> plus, no more stripping or groping. a sneak peek at the airport security of the future. how it will take some of the hassle out of flying. it's all coming up. and a high-profile couple in the fight for gay marriage calls it quits. what their divorce means for the movement. if you plan on traveling around the u.s., we are cleared for take-off at sfo. some partly cloudy skies 67 degrees there. hey, heading to southern california, los angeles looking good. you will find a couple of clouds but also some sunshine and a temperature of 70 degrees. very comfortable. it's getting hot though in other parts of the country. heading to arizona, we have sunshine and a hot 97 degrees in the afternoon. we'll have a complete look at your local forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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forced hundreds to evacuate. it broke a huge fire at a rhode island mill injured one firefighter and forced hundreds to evacuate. they spoke out last night. that fire so big, flames could
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be seen 14 miles away and a tv station's doppler radar picked it up. the blaze knocked out power to hundreds of homes. firefighters are investigating the cause. no word on the condition of that injured firefighter. and in arizona, crews are hoping their efforts overnight will keep a mammoth forest fire from cresting a ridge and racing into two towns. some 2,000 people have been evacuated. the fire has charred nearly 500 square miles. that wildfire which broke out last week is the second largest in the state's history. airport security could become a lot less invasive in the future. the international air transport association unveiling a futuristic security tunnel that can quickly scan shoes, carry- on luggage and other items. the association says it's trying to maintain safety while reducing the hassles of boarding a plane, which has deterred some people from flying altogether. the new system could be implemented within five years. you're being asked to take
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part in an online exercise today. it is to test an emergency website that will help people get life-saving medication if there is an anthrax attack or other infectious disease emergency here in the bay area. the test will be done at 10 a.m. and at 2:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. the website is we have a great day coming our way. we are going to clear things out nicely outside. temperatures in the 50s right now. mostly cloudy skies inside the bay and at the coast. partly cloudy some of the valleys inland. but by the this afternoon we are looking fantastic. sunshine temperatures in the 70s in the valleys. inside the bay 60s and low 70s' at the coast 50s and 60s still some patchy fog. we have seen the fog and low clouds making its way onshore typical of this time of year, which is atypical this year. but things are settling down.
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we are going to see mild sunshine for most of the bay area. temperatures running still below average but very comfortable as we head in toward the afternoon. looking good for the next seven days. 78 degrees the high in morgan hill. 74 sunny milpitas, 73 degrees in mountain view and palo alto. and 72 degrees in san mateo. east bay temperatures in the 80s. 77 livermore. 73 danville. about 76 degrees in walnut creek. you get the idea we are working on a gorgeous day around the bay area. some of the sunshine we haven't seen for quite some time. 50s at the coast, about 59 degrees at stinson beach and patchy fog. we are breaking out the 80s on thursday and friday. looks like the weather will hold into the weekend. night and morning low clouds and fog, but that will be the
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worst of it. otherwise temperatures warming up toward the beginning of the next week and a huge ridge of high pressure builds in. that's a look at the weather, elizabeth. >> and let's go right out to palo alto to talk about this traffic alert still in effect along the peninsula. southbound 101 just past oregon expressway. we just got off the phone with chp. they are hoping to have these three left lanes open in the next five or 10 minutes or so, so we're continuing to watch. in the meantime there are some brake lights through the stretch. traffic is able to get by but three lanes are blocked after this overnight fatal accident. we know it was a car versus pedestrian. chp has been out there investigating now for a couple of hours. so if they -- if they get it open here in the next 10 minutes or so, you're fine. 101 is a good option or 280. speeds good towards the south bay. out of downtown san jose traffic very light in the northbound lanes. caltrain another option. bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain on time.
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new accident just reported eastbound highway 4 at willow. we understand that it sounds like maybe possibly one lane is blocked there. if you are continuing down the eastshore freeway, westbound 80 quiet all green on our sensors and no delay at all through berkeley. and live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic light here, as well. no metering lights yet so it's a quick trip all the way into san francisco. lower deck of the bay bridge toll plaza still ongoing roadwork lanes blocked until 6:00 this morning. other bridges across the bay area we'll show you one more live look. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge where you can see things look good. this is the commute direction westbound 92. should be about 13 minutes coming out of hayward and heading towards foster city and the peninsula. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's your traffic and weather. back to you guys. >> thank you. new york congressman
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anthony weiner is losing democrat friends on capitol hill. house minority leader nancy pelosi has called for his resignation and while he didn't go that far, senate majority leader harry reid made it clear he was not a shoulder for weiner to cry on. >> i'm not here to defend weiner. >> what do you think -- >> that's all i'm going to say. >> what advice would you give him if he asked you? call somebody else. >> weiner committed he lied about accidentally posting lewd photos on twitter. he has repeatedly said he has no plans to resign. one of the leading couples in the effort to legalize same- sex marriage in california is divorcing. molly mckay and davina kotulski have been married for seven years. mckay says her divorce is the worst thing that has happened to her especially in light of the hope her marriage had given other gay couples who also wanted to enjoy the benefits of
4:55 am
marriage. >> there are over 1,1, 38 rights alone that come with marriage under federal law. and those rights are very, very important to people both in marriage when it's working and unfortunately if a marriage breaks up and divorce ensues. >> despite the divorce mckay says she will continue campaigning for same-sex marriage and will be at the marriage pavilion at san francisco pride. well, ginny craig weight watchers and atkins there's a lot of diets out there. so which one is the best for your health? according to u.s. news it is one you probably never heard of. it is called the dash diet. and it's often recommended for people trying to lower their blood pressure. the mediterranean diet came in second overall. jenny craig and the raw food diet were close runners up. but if your goal is losing weight, they say weight watcher was ranked the best. >> people hate me because i
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don't gain weight. same as since college. >> i hate you but you're a lucky guy. [ laughter ] >> i usually get that reaction. everyone kept saying you're going to get older, you're going to get big. a facebook user has become her own social network. >> almost a quarter of a million people have watched this youtube video. this woman is getting an arm tattoo of all her facebook buddies. she says all 152 friends gave her permission to use their profile pictures. she says her social tattoo represents who she is right now and the time we live in. >> that is pain javel who she is right now is not who she is -- that is painful. >> who she is now is not who she will be later. >> what if you unfriend them? guess you never can. >> too bad. remember this guy and that guy? oh, my god. never in a million years. toll cheaters bee way.
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where cameras could catch south bay drivers breaking the law. >> a bank robbery suspect is dead but the investigation into the police shooting is just beginning. we'll have a live report coming up. a popular east bay child care program accused of putting kids at risk. the state stepping in. >> she openly admitted hating missing nursing student michelle le. now we have new details about a person of interest. what pushed her ex-boyfriend to file a restraining order against her. ,,
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it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today. the hi-tech, tool that tracked him from southern california. a wanted bank robbery suspect shot dead by san francisco police. the high-tech tool that tracked him from southern california cracking down on cheaters in carpool lanes. i'm sydnie kohara, it is wednesday, june 8. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time is nearly 5:00. and we begin with some breaking news at this hour. a pedestrian killed on a freeway in palo alto. let's get right to elizabeth with the


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